E27 Festoon Stopper


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As requested by customers, this exciting new product has been developed as part of the FestoonPro connectable lights range to terminate unused sockets. This product is one of those you didn’t realise you needed, but once you have it you can never be without.

When installing festoon harnesses, you can sometimes find that you have too many sockets at the end, but what do you do with them? Up until now, you would need to fill the excess sockets with unnecessary extra bulbs, or hide / fasten the cable in an awkward fashion, ruining the aesthetic of the installation. The festoon stopper caps off the unwanted spare sockets along the harness and allows a more discreet and safe finishing.

The festoon stopper is also convenient for making blank sections within a run whereby a group of illuminated bulbs are not required, or by increasing the socket spacing such as from 50cm to 100cm, therefore avoiding re-investment in new harnesses.


Features and Specifications

Safe and convenient
Part of the FestoonPro range (240v)
Colour Black
CE Certified
Connectable and Extendable
Commercial quality black rubber cable 6mm.
Indoor and Outdoor
Suitable for prolonged outdoor use.
Power Source Plug In
E27/ES fitment
Terminates any E27/ES socket
IP44 rating