Elsyl Natural Look Shampoo (40ml)


Box of 50 or 200

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With a sumptuous range of matching bathroom products from Elsyl, these neatly presented bottles of shampoo feature gold lids and elegant styling. Supplied in a pack of 50 or 200 bottles, this high quality, natural look shampoo is ideal for use in hotels, resorts, guesthouses and B&Bs. Impress your guests with these wonderfully stylish bottles of shampoo, essential toiletries for any establishment.

What are hotel toiletries?

Hotel toiletries are everyday bathroom essentials that hotels, generally, provide free of charge for the comfort of their guests. They usually include shower or bath gel, shampoo and conditioner, but added extras like moisturiser can also be supplied.

Do hotels provide shampoo?

Most hotels will provide shampoo. And as an easy, and usually cheap, extra that can boost your guests’ perception of their stay, why wouldn’t you?

How to display hotel toiletries

Providing complimentary toiletries can be the cherry on the top of a great stay, leaving your guests with a positive lasting impression that might just entice them back for another stay. And displaying your toiletries in the nicest way possible is an easy way to further nurture that positive perception. Why not leave them on the sink top, perhaps in a basket? Or even in the hotel room itself, with other complimentary items your guests will love. The possibilities are endless.

Is Elsyl shampoo easy to use?

Yes, Elsyl shampoo is easy to use, with a handy screw top that’s easy to remove in the shower. Simply rinse, lather and repeat!

Product features

  • Weight 2.55kg
  • Pack quantity: 50 or 200
  • Individual 40ml bottles
  • Elegantly packaged
  • Ideal for use in hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs
  • Essential toiletries
  • Samples are available on request

Additional information

Box of

50, 200