Olympia Harley Table Knife (Pack of 12)


Packs of 12

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Give customers a comfortable and practical, dining experience with the cost-effective Harley table knives. These sturdy table knives are able to withstand the most rigorous of use in commercial environments without being damaged – saving you money in the long run.

Boasting a stylish, minimalistic finish, the knives perfectly suit any restaurants, pubs or bars offering good food in an informal environment – being sure to spruce-up your dining services, without breaking the bank.

Pressed from 18/0 stainless steel, these knives can also be used with any magnetic cutlery saving systems – reducing the cost of replacement bills spent on lost cutlery.

Product features

Dimensions 230(L)mm
Material 18/0 Stainless steel
Weight 1.02kg
High-polish finish adds a premium touch to your table settings
Double-step design on handle adds a unique look
Ergonomic handle allows for secure and comfortable use
18/0 stainless steel prevents lost cutlery when used with magnetic saving systems
Supplied in a pack of 12 to stock-up your cutlery selection
Easy to clean and dry after use for a fast turnaround of fresh cutlery