Olympia Harley Teaspoon (Pack of 12)


Packs of 12



Need affordable cutlery that won’t break the bank? Look no further than this pack of 12 x Olympia Harley teaspoons. As they’re made from 18/0 stainless steel, these teaspoons are budget-friendly, yet still practical and sturdy enough to handle any job thrown at them. This makes them perfectly suited for day-to-day use in any casual catering environment.

This 18/0 stainless steel material means the teaspoons can be used with magnetic saving systems too – helping to prevent costly cutlery loss when clearing crockery.

A high-polish finish completes these spoons, giving them a simple yet stylish look that’ll suit any table setting.

Product features

Dimensions 140(L)mm
Material 18/0 Stainless steel
Weight 240g
18/0 stainless steel material makes the teaspoons affordable yet sturdy
Can be used with magnetic saving systems to prevent accidental cutlery loss
High-polish finish adds a simple, stylish touch to your table settings
Double-step design on handle offers a smart look
Ergonomic handle ensures comfortable use
Dishwasher safe for rapid cleaning