Olympia Large Salad Bowl 330mm 4Ltr (Single)





Simple, clean and fresh, these salad bowls are designed to suit any table top. The large size makes them ideal for the heartiest of salads, while the super-tough fully vitrified porcelain design makes them strong enough to endure heavy use in the busiest of catering environments.
Finished with the gently curved lip for an extra dash of style, and rolled edges for superb chip resistance, they’re perfect for everything from super-stylish bistros to everyday eateries.

What size is a salad bowl?
Salad bowls are usually a little larger than your typical bowl due to the bulky yet delicate nature of salads. These salad bowls are 330mm in diameter, making them large enough for sharing salads and salad mains alike.

Are these salad bowls stackable?
Yes! Each bowl is designed to stack neatly, saving you valuable storage space. This makes them particularly handy for high-volume restaurants where space is always at a premium.

Can I use these bowls for things beside salad?
Yes – their large size makes these bowls suitable for a range of uses. Use it as a bowl for sharing sides like chips, mash and roasted veggies, or if you’re feeling creative fill it with potpourri for a homemade way to freshen up your front-of-house spaces.

Product features

Capacity 4Ltr | 140¾oz
Dimensions 123(H) x 330(Ø)mm | 4¾(H)” x 13(Ø)”
Material Porcelain
Weight 2.56kg
Colour White
Dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer safe
Super vitrified for scratch, stain and chip resistance
Stackable for simple storage
Rolled edges for chip resistance
Edge Chip Warranty protected