Olympia Whiteware Wide Rimmed Plates 165mm (Pack of 12)


Pack of 12

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Simple, strong and stackable, these wide rim plates from Olympia are ideal for any busy catering environment. The fully vitrified design makes them scratch and wear resistant, whilst the rolled edges fend off the chips and nicks that catering crockery can quickly pick up – helping to keep your crockery collection in like-new condition throughout many services.Fully dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe, this catering crockery is ideal for use in a wide variety of kitchen tasks whilst helping to save staff time of cleaning and preparation.Designed with a stackable construction, the plates help to save you vital storage space in the kitchen and make it easy for staff to grab tableware during busy periods of service.

Product features

Dimensions 165(Ø)mm/ 6 ½”
Material Porcelain
Weight 2.93kg
Classic whiteware design adds a sophisticated and classic touch to table settings
Strengthened, rolled edges prevent chipping
Fully vitrified for heat and shock resistance
Stackable for simple and space-saving storage
Supplied in a pack of 12 to top-up your crockery collection
Wide-rimmed design creates a frame that beautifully showcases your food
Wide rim also stops food and sauces from sliding off the plate
Can be used in ovens and microwaves for added flexibility during service
Edge Chip Warranty protected