Olympia Whiteware Wide Rimmed Plates 310mm (Pack of 6)


Pack of 12

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Simple, strong and stackable – this is crockery that ticks every commercial catering box. The fully vitrified porcelain design makes each piece scratch and stain resistant – cutting down on your replacement costs – while the rolled edges minimise chipping, keeping your plates looking their best for longer.The pure white finish adds the finishing touch, giving the colours in your dishes a blank canvas against which to stand out, for maximum visual impact. For day in, day out catering crockery without the price tag, look no further.What are these plates made of?They’re made from fully vitrified porcelain, which gives them an extra hard glaze that’s resistant to the scratches and nicks sharp cutlery can inflict. This vitrified glazes also prevents liquids from seeping into the surface of the plate, meaning no more staining from rich sauces and dressings. Perfect for commercial catering.How big are they?Each plate is 310mm in diameter (the size from side to side), making them large enough for the heartiest of mains. For smaller dishes, sides, starters and bread, try other smaller plates in the Olympia Whiteware collection. Are they dishwasher and microwave safe?Yes! And they can even be placed in the oven, making them as versatile as they are durable.

Product features

Dimensions 310(Ø)mm / 12 ¼”
Material Porcelain
Weight 6.46kg
Oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer proof
Strengthened rolled edges for chip resistance
Fully vitrified for heat and shock resistance
Edge Chip Warranty protected
Stackable for simple storage