Solar Garden Flickering Candle Lantern, Amber LED, 3 Pack


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Brighten up your outdoor space with this 3 pack of black, solar, flickering candle lanterns. Perfect for adding an enchanting, elegant feature to your garden, they emit a warm and welcoming amber glow in the evenings, but also work superbly as garden ornaments when unlit during the day too.
At 15cm, 17.5cm and 27cm in height, they are the ideal size to create an impressive display either freestanding on a patio table, or hanging within the branches of a tree in your garden by the attached metal handles.
The lanterns match each other perfectly, whilst each having their own unique features; either placed together for an eclectic yet streamlined aesthetic, or separately to embrace their individuality, they make the perfect outdoor lighting display.
The integrated solar panels, located on the tops of the lanterns, charge the rechargeable batteries inside, using the sun’s energy throughout the day, which then power the lanterns.
Once the intelligent light sensors detect that dusk has fallen, the amber LED housed within the candle inside each of the lanterns will illuminate, flickering naturally and creating a beautiful, relaxing ambience.
Lantern dimensions: 15cm (H), 17.5cm (H) and 27cm (H).